Monsterservice is a young but very promising company from Russia.  

It was 2007, when we first started working with FRP products. At that time we learnt to repair and improve them. For a while we did short-run production of details for different cars – wings, hoods, bumpers. We got down to all details which could be made of FRP.

Thanks to this, we acquired good experience and comprehension what must be done to achieve high quality.

In 2011, we made first details with our own design, which were presented at different car shows in Russia.

When our work was highly estimated, we started to pay even more attention to this direction. Every year we created a new project basing on different cars (Mazda RX7, Mazda Miata, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Toyota Altezza) from our shop.

As Instagram developed, our projects were noticed abroad. And back in 2015, we made the first international sale. Then it was a client from the USA who has bought a kit for Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Having studied the payment and delivery terms, we churned it out by opening a shop on EBay. And in the beginning of 2016, we launched this website.

A team of like-minded people who put their souls into the creation of every product or project.

Now our main purpose is extension of our product range, creation of our own corporate identity and adherence to it.

What differs us from our competitors? Our company is small, so we appreciate every client. We are loyal and attentive to everybody at the most. And quality of our products is beyond any criticism.

All our details are customized, so you get the product made especially for you. The production period does not exceed 10 days if the product is bought in amount of 1 item and not in sales period.

Custom designing/3D Scan/ 3D Modeling/3D Print/ 3D CNC Milling

In the production, we can define 3 main directions:

1. FRP – high-quality forced-resin plastic is made by the technology of manual lamination. Thanks to many years of experience, we make fine and flexible details, deliberately reinforcing them where necessary.

2. ABS – we make universal flares of ABS-plastic on vacuum-thermic equipment.

3. Carbon – we make these products using the method of vacuum infusion, which ensures minimal weight and excellent strength properties. It is worth highlighting that this method is the most expensive and laborious. Photos.

We have been selling our parts worldwide during 5 years. Over 1000 satisfied customers.

Keep in mind though most of our goods we keep in stock, but there are few items that are custom made to order through our manufactures, once we received payment for the specialized part.

EMS Post carries out delivery time: 1-3 weeks. 

Payment made through PayPal.

Location: Based in Russia, the Siberian town of Krasnoyarsk

Payment and delivery.

Terms and conditions.

We look forward to your business, and would be glad to collaborate with shops and resellers to better meet your needs as the customer. Specific conditions may apply for wholesale consumers!

Peter Okulov – Ceo at Monsterservice.

I answer all your questions in instagram, mail and facebook.

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Whatsapp; Viber – +79833610295

We are a partner of many professional drift pilots and teams that perform in the top drift championship in Russia – RDS . We make for them all body plastic, bodykits and carbon elements.
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