Due to border closures since March 14 2020, we can’t ship our goods to the following countries: Australia, Africa, Kuwait, Libya, Peru, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Lebanon, Philippines, Maldives, Easter Island, Cayman Islands, French Polynesia at the moment. Shipping to other countries is still available.

Due to the large number of orders now the processing time of the order may be increased – we manufacture every product to order. After payment, your order is queued and manufactured within 4 weeks.

Some items may take 5 weeks to produce (depending on the queue for this product and the complexity), in any case, we always do our best to ship your order as soon as possible.

Some of our kits we can pack in 2 (or 3) boxes (such as wide body V1 Genesis coupe, full bodykits Lexus GS3, Honda S2000, Camaro and etc)

Due to covid 19 and the cancellation of a large number of air flights, parcels may hang at the border for 1-4 weeks and the delivery time may be 1-8 weeks and we cannot influence this in any way. Please plan in advance the time of receipt of your order.

After sending, you will receive a notification by mail with a track number.

We ship items by EMS shipping company worldwide.

We control and track every shipment and you will definitely receive your order!

Now just relax and order, while we do something interesting for you!

Information about EMS representatives in your country you can find here.

If you have question feel free to contact us.

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