Front wings “Stage 1” +30mm Lexus IS300


  • Front replacement  fenders +30 mm

Material: Fiberglass high quality.

Perfect fit for all kinds of bumpers!


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We recommend professional installation. 

100% brand new that has never been used.

UV protected clear gel-coated (white).

Ready to paint any color of your car.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 30 cm

Lexus IS200/300

Product type

Front wings




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    Lexus IS200/300

    Front wings “Stage 2” +40mm Lexus IS300

    • Front replacements fenders +40 mm.

    Material: Fiberglass high quality.

    -adds 1.57 inches (4cm) per side front.

    On the photo (blue car) front wheel specs – 10.5 J off +5 225/40/18


  • Lexus IS200/300

    Bodykit stage 2 (F +40mm R +50mm)

    • Front fender flares +40 mm
    • Rear fender flares +50mm

    Material – high quality FRP

    10 pieces in set. Perfect fit.

    -adds 1.57 inches (4cm) per side front and 1.96 inches (5 cm) per side out back

    Fiberglass high quality. Perfect fit for all kinds of front and rear bumpers.



  • Lexus IS200/300

    Body kit Stage 3 (F +40mm, R +50mm, sideskirts)

    Bodykit for Lexus IS300/Altezza.14 items in set.

    • Front fender flares +40mm.
    • Rear fender flares +50 mm.
    • Side skirts.

    Material: Fiberglass high quality.

    Wheel specs on the photo (blue car) : Front 10.5 off 0 225/40/18 Rear 11.5J off 5 245/40/18 running about 3 of camber


  • Lexus IS200/300

    Front fender flares +40mm

    • front fender flares for Lexus IS300

    -adds 1.57 inches (4cm) per side front

    Material: Fiberglass high quality.

    4 pieces in set. Perfect fit.

    Wheel specs on the photo – 9,5J off 22 235/40/18 + spacer 25mm