We are happy to share with you the design of our project, «Chevrolet Camaro».

We purchased this 2017 car last September and thought that it had to be ready. We thought that, if it was not presented at festivals, then it had to be at least on the way to them, but COVID 19 made adjustments, and we got the required components (disks and air suspension) only this spring.

However, this time was very valuable as we thoroughly worked out the car design. We tried to grasp and any chance and get away from trends of global brands as far as possible, follow the style that we launched at our Lexus GS kit.

The kit will lose most of the bolts. Every part will have its mounting place.

Moreover, we will be ready to make the kit both from the fiberglass that is familiar to all and from the carbon on the whole.

We decided to keep a couple of details a secret. You will see them in the finished car. We promise you that it will be hot.


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