Rubber Gasket


T-type rubber gasket with 3M adhesive – to be sandwiched in-between our widebody flares and your car’s body.

Please make sure to clean the surface with a high-quality cleaner prior to installation. Best quality – made in Japan.

Priced per meter! Use “qty.5” if you need to order 5 meters.

1 meter = 3.28 feet

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For items Quantity
Front fender flares IS300 4
Rear flares 30/50mm Lexus IS300 4
Rear flares 50mm with side skirts Lexus IS300 7
Trunk spoiler IS300 3
Spoiler ducktail IS300 3
Bodykit stage 2 IS300 8
Bodykit stage 3 IS300 11
Full bodykit IS300 14
Bodykit Subaru Impreza 13
Bodykit Subaru Legacy 10
Rear wings Hyundai Genesis Coupe 7
Bodykit V2 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 8
Bodykit Mark 2 81 15
Fender flares IS250 11
Bodykit Nissan Skyline 32 GTR 12
Wide arches Land Rover Freelander 10
Wide arches Porsche Macan 13
Universal flares ABS (for pair) 4
Fender flares Ford Focus 10


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